Oracle Certification Drive (Basics & Advanced Level) for Mumbai Unversity Students

What is Oracle ? An Oracle database is a collection of data treated as a unit. The purpose of a database is to store and retrieve related information. ... Oracle Database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing, the most flexible and cost effective way to manage information and applications.

In enterprises which run Oracle, it is the most visible software product in the data center. The Oracle data must be more reliable, more available, more backed up, and more protected than any other data. A storage, server or OS vendor who supports the Oracle environment is managing the customer's crown jewels

Oracle Certification Drive foro MU Students


1. How Exam will be conducted? and How exam instruction communication will be communicated to you?
Exam will be conduct online and all further instructions, account creation etc instructions will be given upon registration via email and WhatsApp in this virtual lockdown time.
Exam Registration Link:= Exam Link

2a. Can I register for both level (Basics and Advanced) together?
Yes, there is no restriction, you can choose whichever certification level you want to choose. You can either give only basics or advanced or both together. Both examm you need to give separately one by one or single exam as per your registration.

2b. How to get discount for each exam level (Basics & Advanced)?
Please put MU student code to get discount offer, else you will have to pay full amount for an exam which will not be adjusted later. Coupon code is : MUQP50OFF (This will help to get 50% flat discount for Mumbai university students)

3. How many attempts is allowed and what is passing score?
Only one attempt per student and online exam can give anytime between 31st OCT'20 00:001 till 1st NOV'20 23:59
This is Online MCQ based exam and passing score will be 70% and online digital crtificate will be provided based on successful passing an exam.

4. If I face any technical issue during exam, how support will be provided?
Staff will be available online through out exam period to assist student's during exam. This is not affiliated with Mumbai University, is been powered and organized by MUQuestionPapers. Support staff will be available throughout the period.

5. Can I add this certificate in resume?
Yes, with this certificate you can increase your resume weightage & show your oracle database skill. Anyone can validate your certificate with MUQuestionPapers any given point of time. Remember to prepare more topic for Job interview but this can surely help to show case your initial skills.

6. What is syllabus and study material?
You will be received study material via email upon exam registration.

7. Will we get any exam question bank before final exam?
Question bank will be provided to you via email and WhatsApp, three days before exam date.

8. How can I download my exam digital certification?
Soft copy will be issued and Digital Certification can be downloaded via portal and will be avialable upon successful completion of an exam by MUQuestionPapers and it can be used further in resume to increase your weightage to show you have a oracle skill.

9. What is Exam Registration Link?
You can register your certification exam via this link. If can even give either any one or both at the same time. Choice is yours. Please don't forget to use coupon code MUQP50OFF to get 50% discount for Mumbai University Students.

10. What is support contact number?
You can always connect on WhatsApp +91-8454060794
Looking forward to see you getting Oracle Certified in this 2020. All The Best.

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