AWS Tutorial for MU Stuents

AWS Basics - Exam Question Bank
Download AWS Basics - Exam Question Bank Click Here
Topic 12: Summary AWS All Services Overview
Video: AWS All Services Overview Click Here
Topic 11: Amazon Database Services (Part-2)
AWS - Relational Database Service Click Here
AWS - RedShift Click Here
Topic 10: Amazon Database Services (Part-1)
AWS - DynamoDB Click Here
Video - DynamoDB Click Here
Topic 9: AWS - Storage Services (Part-2)
AWS - CloudFront Click Here
Video: How to host CloudFront Click Here
AWS - Storage Gateway Click Here
Topic 8: AWS - Storage Services (Part-1)
AWS - Amazon S3 Click Here
AWS - How to configure S3? Click Here
AWS - Elastic Block Store (EBS) Click Here
Video : Elastic Block Store (EBS) Click Here
Topic 7: AWS - Network Services (part-2)
AWS - Route 53 Click Here
AWS - Direct Connect Click Here
Topic 6: AWS - Network Services (part-1)
AWS - Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Click Here
Video: AWS - Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Click Here
Topic 5: AWS - Computer Services (part-2)
AWS - WorkSpaces Click Here
Video: AWS - WorkSpaces Click Here
AWS - Lambda Click Here
Video: AWS - Lambda Click Here
Topic 4: AWS - Computer Services (Part-1)
AWS - EC2 Click Here
Video AWS - EC2 Click Here
AWS - Autoscaling Click Here
Video: AWS - Autoscaling Click Here
Topic 3: Create account in AWS
Create an Account in AWS Steps Click Here
Play with your free account Click Here
Topic 2: AWS Architecture
Simple diagram of AWS Click Here
AWS Basic Architecture Click Here
Important AWS components definitions Click Here
Topic 1: AWS Definition
AWS - Cloud Computing Click Here
Video : What is Cloud Computing Click Here
Is AWS part of Cloud? Click Here
Why I should learn AWS Click Here
AWS - Overview
AWS - Computer Services Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
Auto Scaling
AWS - Network Services Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
Route 53
Direct Connect
AWS - Storage Services Simple Stroage Service (S3)
Elastic Block Store (EBS)
Storage Gateway
AWS - Database Services Relatinal Database Service (RDS)
Dynamo DB
AWS - Application Services Simple WorkFlow Service
Instruction for learning AWS
1. This page is created to learn AWS (Cloud technology) from scratch for MU students during their semester vacation.
2. We want 30 mins of your dedicated study time and that's it !!
3. This initiative is to teach students and prepare them for industry.
4. Each day list of topics will be provided, and reference links and you need to spend 30 minutes and prepare your own notes and share it in the group.
5. Notes can have highlight points or diagram which should be easily understandable for you.
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